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    Three generations of experience

    HWP is fortified by three generations of knowledge, expertise and experience gained through 65 years of manufacturing millions of pallets

  • Lift


    HWP is a wood packaging manufacturer of pallets and crates, as well as of the components that are used in the assembly of these packaging products. Each of our wood pallets and wooden crates are manufactured using only the highest quality components specifically selected in order to guarantee that all our products offer the best packing solution for your cargo

  • Kiln

    Heat treatment

    HWP complies with the strictest international heat-treatment standards that guarantee the annihilation of any larvae and parasites that are present in the wood used to produce our wood packaging components.

  • Basement


    Wood pallets that cannot be returned or re-used for production constitute a major problem for many businesses. When wood pallets cannot be used or repaired, they can be broken down and the residue used for applications as diverse as particleboard for construction, wood chips for heating and sawdust for animal bedding.

  • Truck

    Closer to you

    Located in Windsor, Quebec, HWP is ideally situated to serve clients along the Saint Lawrence valley, as well as in New England.

    HWP is the closest pallet plant to the United States that offers heat treatment as standard on all its wood packaging.

Wooden Crates & Pallets

Wooden Crates & Pallets

HWP offers an unlimited variety of wooden pallets and crates. We will also custom manufacturer wood pallets or crates to ensure we offer the exact solution to meet your packaging requirements. Our wooden pallets and crates also meet stringent ISPM 15 requirements.

Recycling & Used Pallets

Recycling & Used Pallets

Wood pallets that cannot be returned or re-used for production pose a major problem for many businesses. HWP will purchase and collect these pallets in order to return them to circulation or to use for the production of biomass.

Quotes & Orders

Quotes & Orders

If you need a type of pallet that we have in stock, or if you want to place a special order, just send us your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Certifications & Memberships

Certifications & Memberships

Being aware of how crucial our manufacturing practices are, HWP has established a rigorous quality management system.

Wooden Pallet & Crate Supplier

Wooden Pallets. Wooden Crates. Made with Pride!

We are Quebec's pallet supplier! When your business needs high quality wood packaging for shipping or storage, we can help. HWP specializes in the manufacture of wooden pallets and crates. We offer an enormous variety of models and will also custom-build wooden pallets and crates to your exact specifications. Cost effective solutions don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, since we offer both to our growing list of loyal clients.

Wooden Pallets. Wood Crates. Made with Experience!

HWP is fortified by three generations of knowledge, expertise, and experience gained through 65 years of manufacturing millions of wood pallets and wood crates. This, together with our continuing commitment to improving our products and services; and our growing client base, ensures we always offer premium-quality products at affordable prices and gain outstanding customer satisfaction. If you're looking for a reliable pallet supplier, give us a call today.

Our Family Tradition is Quality

When you choose HWP as your preferred pallet supplier for all your wood pallet & crate requirements, you can rest assured that HWP is a company who:

  • Is a third generation family owned company
  • Operates in a high-tech lean manufacturing facility
  • Has been a top-tier manufacturer for over 65 years
  • Offers a full-cycle green production with 100% recuperation
  • Recuperates and recycles your old pallets with every delivery
  • Has an annual kilning capacity exceeding 2 million wood pallets
  • Has an annual production capacity of over 3.5 million wood pallets
  • Stands among the largest wood pallet manufacturers in North America
  • Can satisfy the shortest lead times through its own transport fleet with over 40 trailers

HWP maintains a well-stocked inventory of thousands of products all specifically designed to our customers’ specifications, as well as standard GMA sizes. This ensures our clients get what they need, when they need it!

Prompt and Reliable Wooden Pallet & Wood Crate Delivery

Doing business with HWP offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your company’s products are being safely and reliably transported where they need to go. Our reliable and personalized service features a rapid response to every order we receive, followed-up by on-time delivery of your order.

To guarantee your satisfaction and to further facilitate the export of your merchandise, HWP is a proud member of the following organizations:

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