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About Herwood - Manufacturer of Wood Packaging

Our Tradition is Quality.

HWP Herwood Inc. is a family owned and operated company located in Quebec, Canada. We are one of North America's leading manufacturers of wooden pallets and crates. HWP was founded on a strong set of values that include hard-work, honesty, superior service and uniquely designed high-quality wood products. We have a growing and loyal client-base located throughout Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the Northern New England states. Let us provide your business with the best wooden packaging and transportation products!

HWP Inc. has been operating since 1945, under the control and guidance of three generations of the Wheeler family. Located in Windsor, Quebec, HWP is ideally situated to serve clients along the Saint Lawrence valley, as well as throughout New England. HWP is the closest pallet plant to the United States that offers standard heat treatment on all its wood packaging. With a production capacity of 13,000 pallets per day (3.5M annually), HWP is perfectly equipped to build and deliver on-time and within budget all of your wood pallet and wooden crate orders.

Our Tradition Provides Options!

HWP offers a complete range of standard sizes of wooden pallets and crates, and also specializes in the manufacture of custom wood pallet and crate designs. All wood packaging produced by HWP surpasses the standards set out by the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers Association and meets international shipping requirements.
Because our company complies with the strictest ISPM-15 international heat-treatment standards, we can ensure that your cargo is permitted to move freely across borders anywhere in the world.
If you're interested in recycling your wooden pallets and crates, we also offer a complete wooden pallet and crate recuperation and recycling program.

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